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Structured Energy Management System

Under Enterprise Ireland’s Business Process Improvement Grants, client companies can apply for funding towards the cost of undertaking a GreenPlus training assignment. Assignments are designed to assist company managers to develop a high level of environmental management capabilities, drive environmental efficiencies and achieve improved sustainability. ​Find out more here 

Case Study – Carbery Food Ingredients

Carbery Food Ingredients are manufactures of a broad range of milk based products and manufactures from eight facilities worldwide, including Ireland, UK, USA, Brazil and Thailand. The company is based in Enniskeen, Co.Cork and was founded in 1965. It is recognised as a leading international manufacturer of speciality food ingredients, flavouring systems and as an award-winning cheese producer.

Project Objectives 

  • To build internal capability in energy management and implement a certified energy management system to ISO 50001 standard
  • To structure energy management in the plant to ensure continuous improvement and competitiveness in electrical and thermal energy use
  • Examine efficiencies in process as a result of implementation
  • To provide training to staff on energy management

Key Challenges 

  • Phase 1: Site profiling including base line calculation, compilation of logic diagrams
  • Phase 2: Scope system including setting boundaries, determining systems and sub systems. Reviewing policy
  • Phase 3: Tailor Model – establish relationships develop cell structure and technical writing
  • Phase 4: Inform and empower including training programme
  • Phase 5: Apply Model – Complete energy matrix, determine legislative and corporate demands, set targets and instigate plan
  • Phase 6: Monitor & Report

Results / Outcomes 

  • Potential savings of €400k identified (€120k by project end)
  • 7% energy saving identified
  • Carbery Milk Products achieved certification to ISO 50001
  • Competitiveness now measured and reported at business unit level
  • Procurement procedures amended to include lifecycle costing
  • Continuous improvement embedded through focused process audits



Carbery have won the Sustainable Energy Achievement Award at The Green Awards 2018.