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Shane Bissett

Shane is an experienced sales and marketing professional with broad sectoral experience working across MedTech, FinTech, SaaS, Consumer durables, Luxury Goods, Heritage, and property development, selling and marketing in over 100 countries.

Some of his key successes are

• New business start – Has launched and scaled a business to achieve sales of £500 million within 4 years.
• Digital transformation – Moved a business from offline engagement to online practices, increasing online sales 10-fold to over £50 million, including the launch of an online trading platform.
• Retail sales – Managed sales through a retail estate of 120 stores, doubling sales to over €20 million within 3 years.
• Home delivery – Responsible for sales, marketing and customer service delivering to over 2,000 homes per week.
• Business turnaround – Has led the successful turnaround of 2 businesses from loss making to profitable growing businesses.
• SaaS – Increased sales 300% within 2 years, negotiated 95% of customers to pay in advance from arrears payment.
• Enterprise business development – Has moved a relationship with one of the UK’s largest retailers from being managed out of their business to become the sole supplier, utilizing this success to secure sole supplier status with other major retailers.

• Business process reengineering – Implemented a process to reduce product manufacturing complexity by over 50% improving productivity as well as improving the customer product offering. Moved manual paper-based processes into digitally automated ones.
• Team development – Has managed teams in multi geographic regions and been the sole employee of a business up to managing teams as big as 150 people.
• Government relations – Appointed by the Taoiseach as a Non-Executive Director to a government board, received British government security clearance and appointed a pre-approved control function by the Central Bank of Ireland. Has negotiated and worked on government agency contracts in Ireland, UK, US, and Europe, secured a government grant of £3.5 million for the establishment of a new business.


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