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Planning and Controlling

Planning and Controlling Infographic

Planning and controlling ongoing operations

The shaping of an operation should provide the nature and shape of the transforming resources that can satisfy a customer’s requests. Products and services then have to be created and delivered to customers. This is done by planning and controlling the activities of resources on a day-to-day basis as they flow through processes, operations and supply networks.

 Planning & Control: How operations organize the delivery of their products and services on an ongoing basis so that customers’ demands are satisfied. Also, planning and control systems – Information-processing, decision support and execution mechanisms that support the operations planning and control activity. How systems are needed to manage the very large amounts of information required to plan and control operations and how Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) / Information Management Systems are used to do this.

Capacity Management: Capacity Management is understanding the operation’s supply and demand, and of planning and controlling capacity in the short, medium and long term. It aims to meet the needs of customers while maintaining the efficiency of the operation’s resources.

Supply Chain Management: The management of the relationships and flows between operations and processes that produce value in the form of products and services to the ultimate consumer. It is a holistic approach to manage across the boundaries of companies and of processes. Managing supplier and customer networks.

Inventory Management: How transformed resources accumulate as inventories as they flow through processes, operations or supply networks.