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Clarity of Direction

Clarity of Direction


Having Clarity of Direction ensures that everyone in your company is aware of the direction in which your business is moving and is clear on how you are planning to get there.  It is also about building an awareness of your company’s shared values and beliefs, defining appropriate and inappropriate behaviours.  


Clarity of Direction Infographic

Communicating vision, purpose & strategy

A clear company vision and purpose outlines what your company wants to be or achieve in the future. Its function is to provide a source of inspiration and direction to employees.  A company vision and purpose can be useful in supporting senior management make clear decisions on the future of the business.  Leaders should have a good sense of their own vision for their organisation and engage employees within the business in shaping that vision for the future.

Building appropriate culture, values and behaviours  

Culture can be defined as the set of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs, which governs how people behave in organisations.   These shared values have a strong influence on your employees in terms of how they do their jobs, whether they speak up and even how they dress.

Setting clear goals and deliverables

It is important that managers and employees understand how their role fits within the business and are clear on what they need to deliver in order to be successful.   Starting with a clear job description is critical as this will help you recruit or promote the individuals with the right set of skills and behaviours into the role.  A job description which outlines clear role deliverables will also help you set appropriate goals for employees as well as allowing you to manage performance challenges.