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Mike Kelly

Mike is a proven international entrepreneur and a qualified Chartered Director with the Institute of Directors. Mike founded his first company (TSL Marketing) at the age of 27, which quickly became an Enterprise Ireland HPSU, secured investment from Davy Stockbrokers and within four years employed more than 300 people in eight different offices worldwide. 

He later founded Ridge Consulting, a provider of business strategy and marketing consulting to small and medium technology resellers. Ridge Consulting was engaged by major technology organisations like Intel, IBM, Cisco, Oracle and SAP to provide business consulting to their channel partners globally. 

Mike’s most recent venture is the Channel Institute, an eLearning business for channel business professionals. Within two years the Channel Institute became the de facto standard for channel business training worldwide. 

Now semi-retired at the age of 48, Mike is seeking opportunities to support other entrepreneurs in their pursuit of entrepreneurial success. He recently founded Saraim (, a voluntary organization supporting refugee entrepreneurs in Ireland and ( to promote and support Irish climate technology startups.   

Key skill: International expansion strategies and winning new business in overseas markets. 

Core interest: Business-to-business technology startups in the green-tech, clean-tech and climate-tech space. 

Competencies include: 

  • International expansion for startups.  
  • Owner of LinkedIn Group “International Expansion for Startups and SMBs” 
  • Non-Executive Director. 
  • Climate technologies and green technologies
  • Creation of channel partner networks. 
  • Creation of Vision, Mission, Objectives and Strategy. 
  • Chartered Director 
  • Marketing strategies
  • Creation of compelling value propositions. 

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