What kind of advice do our clients look for ?

Commercialisation of new products and services

•  More targeted sales and marketing

• Expansion into new markets

• Strategic business planning

• Attracting outside investment and funding options

Meet Some of Our Mentors

Client Satisfaction  

91% of clients maintain contact with their mentor


98% felt their mentor was well or very well matched

86% were satisfied with the mentor network service

76% felt their company had grown due to mentoring



Client Story from ‘Pundit Arena’

Client Story from ‘Obeo’

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Contact the Mentoring Team

To find out more about the Mentor Network and how to apply for a mentor grant, talk to your Enterprise Ireland Development Adviser.

Mentor Network Contact Details

Tel: +353 1 727 2736 / 2441 / 2764 / 2872

Email: Mentor@enterprise-ireland.com

Web: www.enterprise-ireland.com/mentor



Our mentor was able to offer us first-hand advice and played an integral role in making sure that our patents and regulatory affairs were in order
Martin O’Connell, CEO, Nasal Medical Ltd



Mentoring has been instrumental in helping me understand the future strategy for my business. Prior to this we were struggling to see the bigger picture, now it’s very clear

Neptune Showers


Our mentor encouraged us to set up a separate brand for our product to focus on a completely different target market


We began as a company with little or no knowledge or experience of fund raising. We have now successfully raised a Seed Round and iHPSU status with an A round to follow
Hub Controls Ltd


Our mentor’s knowledge around our industry was extensive. That helped immensely when carrying out our strategic planning to help us understand the entry requirements of each strategic element
Automatic Plastics Ltd


Our mentor helped us massively in understanding the potential markets that we need to focus on. He provided some great insights into best practice and trends in markets where we lacked expertise. His extensive knowledge has been invaluable to us and our new product line
Burke Joinery


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