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John Geehan

Expertise – Operations Excellence particularly in Manufacturing.

Highly practical accomplished Managing Director of manufacturing companies; owner of manufacturing companies; and successful mentor/non-exec director of a number of EI companies. Comprehensive leadership experience across the Manufacturing Sector in Ireland and further afield.  

Instrumental in making transformational change happen in companies as a manager, owner, director and mentor. Consistently delivering increased profit levels that exceeded all reasonable expectations. Five-fold in the case of a large established multinational; and up to ten-fold in the case of several mentorships. Turning two loss-making companies around to become vibrant successes. 

A resourceful and personable leader, John forges long-lasting relationships with client-partners, and builds consensus in a fast-paced company environment 

John’s greatest satisfaction is to describe the potential of a company, often in the first visit; and go on to see that new reality take shape, a profound positive improvement in any company in a limited time (only 30 – 40 hours interaction in the case of a standard mentorship). This improvement is then reflected in the lives of the entire workforce. 

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