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Leadership & Team


When it comes to Leadership & People, start by thinking about some of these questions:

In the early stages of a startup the founding team is where the buck stops.  Resources are tight and even if the founders wanted to delegate, there is nobody to delegate to.  But as the business develops, and with funding in place, building out the team becomes high on the list of priorities.  Moving from the role of “do it all myself” founder to leader of a team is a big challenge.  Hiring the right people, developing a culture for the business and motivating the team to achieve their best is hard.  During our clinics on Leadership & Team we consider questions such as:

• What kind of leader are you and why should anybody follow you?
• What leadership skills do you need to develop?
• What gaps exist on your team today, and how do you go about filling them?
• How do you develop a culture for your business?


Carole Cassidy – HR Expert outlines, why it is important for an early stage company to build a growth culture

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