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Hiring talent – a challenge for startups

We all know that hiring talent is a challenge, particularly for early stage companies.  The team at Frontline Ventures have put together a great guide on talent acquisition for startup tech companies – worth checking out:

Building an IP Strategy – it’s more than just patents

Thanks to Joe Doyle from Enterprise Ireland who joined us this morning to look at IP Strategy.  I for one had my eyes opened – it’s about more than just patents!  EI are also launching some new supports later this year to help companies get their IP strategy in place – more information in Joe’s presentation linked below.

Thanks also to those of you who joined and contributed to the session.

Joe’s slides are available here –

And his IP Asset tool he referenced here –

The Mission of Founders Forum is ‘Founders Helping Founders to Succeed Internationally’

The Founder journey can be hard – it is self-absorbing. You also need to be Walter Mitty like, both holding to the dream that inspired you to start, whilst inside the fear of failure is never far away. The difference is often a lucky break or some good advice.

One aspect of the Founders Forum that has been a real privilege to see in action has been the generosity of Founders to each other. Time and caring can be in short supply in the start up world, but the ways that Founders have been able to support each other have been humbling. There can be a rare vulnerability or turning point that can make all the difference.

You are part of a wide support group – so reach out for support, if you need it at any stage – somebody in the Group will have been through an issue similar to yours before.

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