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Helen McCormack

A seasoned executive with almost 25 years experience in many differing healthcare arenas within Ireland, United Kingdom, Europe, SEA, APAC, Canadaand USAHelen is at the forefront of where science and business collides. Helen’s vast experience as CEO of HMC Marketing Consultancy and in other senior business and global commercial roles has made her an expert in each aspect of this industry from product concept to commercialisation. 

Helen’s current role is Chief Executive Officer of Rapid Nexus, based in California, which is soon to launch next generation wound care for chronic wound closure, which will prevent amputation in many different patient groups.  Not only is this a class II medical device, it is a telemedicine system too that can be utilised by hospitals, pharmacy, podiatry and Long Term Care facilities.  Under Helen’s leadership the company are soon to achieve FDA Breakthrough Designation and a significant venture capital investment.  

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