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Greenplus case study of Danone Wexford – the world’s first carbon neutral infant formula plant

Under Enterprise Ireland’s Business Process Improvement Grants, client companies can apply for funding towards the cost of undertaking a GreenPlus training assignment. Assignments are designed to assist company managers to develop a high level of environmental management capabilities, drive environmental efficiencies and achieve improved sustainability. ​Find out more here 

Case Study – Danone Wexford trading as Nutricia Infant Nutrition​

Danone’s mission is to bring health through food to as many people as possible. Central to this mission is Danone Nutricia’s Early Life Nutrition range. Nutrition in early life is crucial for growth and development. We aim to create high quality products, contributing to a healthy start in life for children worldwide. Our mission is to “Stand by mums, to nurture new lives”. Our core belief is that by helping mums and babies get the right nutrition during the first 1,000 days from conception to two years old, we can positively influence the child’s short- and long-term health. 

The Danone Wexford site produces consumer packs of infant milk brands such as Aptamil, Cow & Gate etc. for the Irish, European and worldwide markets. We also manufacture and export infant formula base powders for sister infant formula manufacturing plants in Europe and elsewhere in the Danone Group.

Project Objectives 

The aim of ISO 50001 on the Danone Wexford site is to empower line management and their teams to monitor, manage and improve energy performance at basic unit level.

Key Challenges 

Data monitoring and reporting systems presented a challenge as the metering available on site did not satisfy the organisations requirement with regard to reporting detail and frequency.

Key Changes 

A formalised EnMS has been implemented across the site with regular consumption reporting. Energy consumption has been reduced as a result of the implementation of the EnMS.

Results / Outcomes 

  • The EnMS has been implemented successfully across the site, system accreditation took place in October 2019. A number of energy saving opportunities have been identified and solutions implemented as a result of the EnMS with annual energy savings being measured and verified.
  • Carbon Trust, an independent global climate change and sustainability consultancy, has certified Danone Wexford as carbon neutral.