Fiona Donnelly is a serial entrepreneur – well versed in the skills, knowledge and actions needed to pre-plan, launch, sustain and exit an enterprise. She brings several strands of valuable business knowledge to the table:
• Having owned businesses in the retail sector over the past 17 years
• She has valuable experience in the consumer product industry
Her skills lie predominantly in the area of business strategy from start-up to end stage.
She is skilled at business-plan analysis and has a mind for detail. She is commercially aware, and adaptable to different business types and has liaised with business partners within and outside Ireland.  She has owned stores within a variety of industries since the late 1990’s – floral, fashion, furniture and beauty. In 2005 she started a large floral & giftware business and over the years this was developed and grew to a chain of five stores, most of which she gradually sold. She is also still involved in the furniture industry. She is well experienced in Sales & Marketing:
• business development
• marketing campaigns
• brand creation
• managing and closing sales.
Several of her businesses had online stores, and she is very familiar with website planning, and the e-commerce aspects.
Fiona is a keen advocate of social media and understands the importance of creating content and connecting with customers. She is familiar with many social media platforms. Fiona managed many marketing events over the years in-store, and handled all the PR and press-releases herself. She is an avid writer and is a weekly contributor to the USA blog Women On Business. Currently Fiona works as a business consultant and coach at Nexus Research & Consulting.

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