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Access to Finance

Every business will need to access finance at some point or more likely several points along their growth path. This may be debt or equity finance, funds generated from the business itself or a combination of all three.  

In every case a clear and realistic plan is needed to identify the funding need and secure the appropriate funding in a timeframe that matches the needs of your business. 

Has your company identified, the amount, timing and purpose of the funding required for both short and long term growth of your business?

Access to funding should be planned well in advance, otherwise your company runs the risk of having to slow its growth rate or potentially run out of funding. 

Access to Finance Infographic

12 – 36+ Month Finance Need

The company can identify the short, medium and the longer term financing needs of the company.


Appropriate Capital Structure 

The company knows the appropriate capital structure for their stage of growth, sector and strategy.


Identifying Finance Providers 

The company knows where to source the type of funding required and can successfully access what they need.


Realistic Financial Plan

The company’s identified cash needs are realistic for their stage, sector and risk profile. These requirements will include short term working capital and long term strategic investment capital.