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Colette Quinn

Colette is a market researcher and business mentor by trade. The day to day and bread and butter work of her insights consultancy, Real Insights, is about identifying opportunities and new markets for businesses, big and small, and feasibility / market validation is a big part of that. I’m commercially focused having headed up the insights functions of Musgrave and Vodafone Ireland where I managed all consumer and business research and worked across all business functions. Prior to that she worked with the biggest research agency in the world (Research International) working with blue chip firms and specialising in Central and Eastern Europe and emerging markets. Many of the projects she worked on involved multiple countries and helping clients understand market dynamics and how best to approach strategy and market entry as well as new product development and launches. 

Her key area of expertise is market research and central to this is market intelligence gathering & analysis. As a researcher her day-to -day work is about listening to clients and understanding what they need and then building a research programme / plan around that to deliver real outcomes and success.  

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