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Innovation Framework

The purpose of the Innovation Framework is to help you asses and identify areas for Innovation capability development within your company and to see how  Enterprise Ireland can help you to address them.

Employee Engagement is a key issue to successful Innovation. It is important that the company has a clear understanding on all aspects of the business and how they impact on performance. Strategy enables company to have a clear view of how it will grow and to focus its resources to maximise its return. Delivery structures together with financial resources, capabilities and appropriate skills must be in place to help your company in achieving its strategic goals. It is paramount to give structure to the Innovation process and to be able to evaluate outcomes in a timely manner.

Latest insights

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Business Pillars

Enterprise Ireland has developed a Client Engagement Model (CEM), a process of how Enterprise Ireland works with clients across their different stages of development. This is modeled on a structured framework which we work with clients so that we can come up with an agreed plan of action with the company. The 6 Business Pillars are explained in more detail below.







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