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Barry Hand Profile

Through data-driven marketing, Barry Hand has helped businesses measure their marketing activity, determine where the growth opportunities are and then implement a growth plan to make it happen. He is a senior-level, digital strategy and eCommerce leader with a blend of marketing and technology experience and expertise. In his previous role as Head of Sales & Marketing, he helped GrabOne grow to over 500,000 members and generate over €10M per year.

Prior to this, he was Head of Marketing at helping them to achieve over €8M/year revenue online. In his current role as a Growth Consultant, Barry has advised a wide range of companies including startups (Boxever, Trustev, Phorest and Opsh) as well established businesses (Lifestyle Sports, Laya Healthcare, and Bank of Ireland), helping them gain traction in new markets. Equally adept in both B2B and B2C markets with a focus on a global market, Barry offers practical mentorship to assist companies who face growth challenges.

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