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Aoife Harrington

Aoife Harrington is a Professional Consultant Designer, New Product Innovator and Business Mentor, specialising in taking a product or service from initial concept to final commercial collection.  

She is recognised nationally and internationally for her well-developed intellectual curiosity, innovative acumen, analytical and creative skills and her approach to successfully develop new products and services across a broad range of sectors and disciplines. Her skills include an in-depth understanding of creativity and its essential contribution to problem solving and innovation in an increasingly unpredictable world. She actively promotes a culture of fostering innovative ways of thinking to promote entrepreneurship, communication and critical and analytical thinking 

With over 25 years expertise in working with luxury high end global brands, Aoife is experienced in taking an innovative product or service from initial concept to final commercial product. This includes identifying incoming colour and lifestyle trends, creating product collections from original concept, sourcing manufacturers, programming prototypes, problem solving with overseas production and liaison with sales teams and retailers. 

This hands-on expertise enables her to support micro/small enterprises which helps them to plan and start or grow their business. Clear understanding of the difficulties that young businesses face, and that the management of all of the different aspects such as branding, storytelling, trademarking, product ranges, packaging sales, marketing, financial and social media can less daunting with the appropriate support in place. 

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