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Short programme

Programme Overview

Innovative businesses thrive. They create and capture superior value over sustained timeframes, and in times of crisis are more likely to survive. A strong innovation plan will drive an organisation to deliver on successful, innovative products, services and business models which will, in turn, achieve growth and scale in Irish and overseas markets. Enterprise Ireland is delivering this Innovation Planning workshop to support clients to develop a clear and coherent innovation plan and access the key tools to implement it.

Workshop Outcomes

At the end of the workshop and follow-up session you will be able to: 

  • Decide on the role business-wide innovation will play in the future of your business.
  • Assess the gap between current initiatives and your desired growth and know how to close this gap.
  • Articulate realistic innovation goals to sustainably grow your business.
  • Set key innovation performance indicators. 
  • Identify the right portfolio of innovation projects to match your strategy and achieve growth.

The workshop consists of three phases carried out over a 4-6 week period.

Phase 1: Pre-programme diagnostic completed online.

Phase 2: 1 day workshop (in person). 

Phase 3: Session between participant company and training provider.

Training Provider

The workshop will be delivered by Advanced Organisation a consultancy and education company based in Ireland. The team is led by professors Ian Kierans
(PhD) and Keith Goffin (PhD). Together, they have over 60 years of experience in the innovation field. Attendees will benefit from their knowledge of the latest research combined with a very practical approach. Ian and Keith have helped established businesses in Ireland, the EU, UK and the US grow through product, service, process and business model innovation. They also teach in several of Europe’s top-ranked business schools.


The programme fee is €300 per company. Up to three participants per company may attend for this fee. Please note that participation in each
workshop is limited to a maximum of 12 companies.

The programme fee has been grant-aided by Enterprise Ireland.

Who Should Apply

This programme is relevant to CEOs, senior managers, innovation managers, marketing and R&D managers with responsibility to sustainably grow their business through innovation. Up to 3 participants from your company may attend. 

Programme Manager

Daryl Regan

E: Daryl

T: 01 727 2772


  • 1 day workshop (in person)
  • €300
  • CEOs, senior managers, innovation managers, marketing and R&D managers