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Short programme

Programme Overview

The Masterclass in Sales Pipeline Management will help you and your team implement a structured sales pipeline management process to increase conversion rates of prospect sales.

You will have the opportunity to learn and practice pipeline management skills, hear from peers and come away with practical tools to implement these in your business. This masterclass is offered as an intense, interactive, 3-hour online session, so be prepared to engage to make the most of your time.

The workshop is open to CEO (or equivalent) and a senior colleague who is responsible for the sales process.

The masterclass may also be considered as a follow-on support to the Masterclass in Digital Lead Generation, giving you a structured approach to convert new leads into sales.

As we are limiting class sizes to encourage interaction, they will be oversubscribed. We do need to reserve the right to charge for late cancellations as Enterprise Ireland’s aim is to embed these learnings into as many exporting companies as possible.

Workshop Outcomes

After completing this virtual masterclass, you and your team will know:

  • How to diagnose the unique buying journey for your product, industry, and business type.
  • How to profile your customer and all stakeholders in the purchase decision.
  • How to identify the needs and cross functional supports needed to qualify, nurture and close new business.
  • The considerations and steps in implementing a CRM system for your business.
  • How digital marketing and marketing automation techniques are transforming lead management.
  • How to build the norms and behaviors within your company for long term sales process excellence. 

As the Masterclass is delivered online, this is your opportunity to practice these skills before deploying them with real customers. Participants will also receive a workbook guide containing tools and canvases for use during and after the Masterclass.

Optional 1 to 1 and further Enterprise Ireland support

The Masterclass in Sales Pipeline Management is part of the Enterprise Ireland wider supports for Sales and Marketing. Depending on your need, you may have the opportunity for a 1 to 1 engagement to embed the masterclass learnings in your company. In addition, other Enterprise Ireland supports such as Excel @ Market Intelligence, Virtual Selling Masterclass, in-depth eMarketing engagement, the Strategic Marketing Review (SMR), the Business Growth Advisor (BGA) or our longer term International Selling Programme (delivered in conjunction with TUDublin) may be suitable follow on steps to the Masterclass.

Training Provider

 IMS are a strategic marketing partner for companies looking to research, enter or grow the markets for their products and services internationally. The IMS team includes a senior team of advisors who are experienced in supporting all stages of the sales and marketing process. Working with companies of all sizes and stages of internationalisation they have assisted clients in over 15 countries in the past three years


Cost: Workshops will have standard pricing (€100 per company).

Who Should Apply

The Masterclass is aimed at Enterprise Ireland clients looking to implement a structured sales pipeline management process to increase conversion rates of prospect sales.

Typical attendees are the company CEO (or equivalent) and another Senior colleague who is responsible for the sales process.

Other Senior sales team members will also be considered, as will key people leading other areas (e.g. Engineering) who need to understand this vital topic. Please be aware that each masterclass is a small group and you will be carefully matched into virtual break-out sessions. This will require communication, teamwork and learning from each other.

Duration: 9.30am to 12.45pm
Date: 26th January 2023

Programme Manager

Image of Robyn Cosgrove

Robyn Cosgrove

E: Robyn Cosgrove
T: 01 727 2736

  • Half day online
  • €100 per company
  • Senior Executives